Kant and the Tahitians
Notes §

On being spurned

Of all the philosophers of ancient times, not one has ever attained longevity.

Thai history's silence

The disgusting impunity must end so the rule of law can begin.

Fr Roque J. Ferriols, SJ

For those blessed to have been taught by him, Roque helped us see the light.

Encountering Ferriols

He looked at me through his thick-rimmed glasses and said ‘you’ll fit right in here’.

Critiquing language

Because God does not exist, men, in accordance with their nature, invented Him.

A thousand roots

It is impossible to feel for others, as people say. We feel only for ourselves.

Muhammad’s dream

‘The Seer awakens / As if from the grave’s night / And, amazed, feels that he lives.’