Synkrētic is an outlet for thought-provoking writing on Indo-Pacific philosophy, literature and cultures. It showcases the diverse traditions of thought and story-telling woven into the living tapestry of this culturally, linguistically and politically complex region. We’re looking for well-written, substantive pieces in the below formats.


Essays (3,000-6,000 words). These are Synkrētic’s flagship pieces. Essay writers in issue №1 include prominent Aboriginal, Māori, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese and Indian philosophers.

Stories (≤ 8000 words). This category includes short stories and excerpts from longer works of fiction, oral history and any stories written, recorded, and spoken by Indo-Pacific storytellers.

● Responses (800-1600 words). Responses are brief answers to one question that varies with each theme. Issue №1's Responses feature prominent and emerging Filipino philosophers. By invitation only.

● Translations (≤ 8000 words). Translations are original to Synkrētic and can be in any format. For example, issue №1 features the first English translations of oral history from Vanikoro and Tikopia, Solomon Islands.

Notes (300-3,000 words). All shorter formats, e.g. reviews of books, literary works and translations, letters to the editor, commentaries on pieces in previous issues, and interviews.


Submissions for Issue 5 (April 2024) are due Friday 19 January 2024 to